Blue Light & Levulan™

Photodynamic Therapy for Acne, Actinic Keratosis, & Sun Damage.


Blue Light Photodynamic Therapy with Levulan represents a breakthrough in acne and sun damage treatment for the skin, in addition to reducing Actinic Keratosis (pre-cancerous spots or lesions of the skin), for which the procedure was initially developed.

This non-invasive treatment involves facial application of a solution called Levulan, composed of aminolevulinic acid, a substance found naturally within the body that causes a chemical reaction that increases the skin's sensitivity to light.

After waiting for thirty to sixty minutes while this solution is absorbed into the skin, treatment continues with exposure to a high intensity blue light that causes a chemical reaction that destroys the damaged cells. When the Blue Light is shone upon the Levulan-treated areas for several minutes, there is a reduction in acne-causing bacteria and in Actinic Keratoses.

During and after treatment, there may be a tingling or slight stinging sensation and some reddening in the treated area, with dry, scaly or crusted patches that will peel.

Photodynamic therapy reduces most facial lesions within seven to ten days. For acne sufferers, it not only reduces the number of acne-causing bacteria, but also shrinks the sebaceous glands where acne starts, which can offer long-term relief. Photodynamic treatment for acne usually requires four to eight treatments, given two to three weeks apart, for the best results.

An especially effective technique for reducing sun damage is to combine Levulan application, followed by FotoFacial intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment, followed by a brief treatment with Blue Light: this enhances the effects possible with the FotoFacial itself.