DioLite™ Laser

Reduce unsightly spider veins and pigmented spots.

With the DioLite 532 laser, we can reduce unattractive skin lesions with the gentle action of a light beam. This procedure allows comfortable, safe, non-traumatic and precise treatment of vascular and pigmented skin lesions. In most cases, treatments are performed without any anesthesia, though a local topical anesthetic may be used.

Vascular lesions are formed by abnormally large or numerous blood vessels directly under the surface of the skin -- the so-called "Spider veins." Spider veins on the face and other small vascular lesions on the body can be successfully treated with the DioLite laser.

Pigmented lesions occur when an abundance of melanocytes, or pigment-producing cells, are found in the skin. When dark pigment multiplies, it forms freckles and brown age spots. Dark freckles and dark age spots can be successfully treated with the DioLite laser.

The following photos show results of this laser treatment on spider veins:

The DioLite 532 laser can treat facial spider veins, lentigenes (flat, brown spots), keratoses (slightly elevated pigmented spots), and freckles. Using a pencil-thin hand piece, the doctor directs a beam of laser light to the specific area of treatment. There may be a slight stinging sensation during the treatment, followed by some redness, which should disappear in two to four hours. (There is no purple skin discoloration or bruised appearance to the treated skin.) Postoperative care is minimal -- for example, involving the use of an anti-bacterial ointment for a short time. Final results should be evident within 10-14 days for vascular lesions, and within 2-3 weeks for pigmented lesions.

Sample Foto Facial Results: Sun Damage