Cellulaze - Cellulite Reduction Treatment

A Life Without Cellulite?
Whether you’re overweight, skinny, old or young, you probably have cellulite, and you’ve probably been told its just part of life. But it doesn’t have to be a part of YOUR life. Until now, treatments for cellulite were mostly gimmicks, producing minimal results at best. That’s all changed with the FDA’s approval of Cellulaze – the world’s first minimally invasive surgical approach to attack cellulite beneath the surface of the skin – for long-lasting results with a single treatment!

About Cellulaze
The Cellulaze™ Cellulite Laser Workstation is a revolutionary minimally invasive device designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite long term. Using advanced SideLight 3D® technology, Cellulaze releases areas of skin depression and increases elasticity and thickness of the skin. And unlike other non-invasive treatments that merely provide temporary treatment, Cellulaze offers long-term results in just one session.

To understand what Cellulaze is, one first must understand cellulite itself. Cellulite is caused by several physiological changes that occur as women age. These changes include a) undulations caused by hardening of the tissue underneath the skin, b) an increase in the number and/or size of the fat cells pushing up through the tissue beneath the skin and c) the stretching of connective tissue under the skin as a result of weight gain or aging. These changes cause herniations and depressions within the skin, creating the unsightly dimples we know as cellulite. But now there is hope.

The Procedure
Cellulaze is a minimally invasive procedure. Performed under a local anesthesia, a small cannula – a narrow hollow tube the size of the tip of a pen – is inserted under the skin. Cynosure’s advanced SideLight 3D® side-firing technology directs controlled laser thermal energy to the treatment zones. The laser is designed to release areas of skin depression, diminish unsightly fat pockets and increase the elasticity and thickness of the skin in just one treatment.

In clinical trials, 93% of patients that underwent the Cellulaze treatment said they were satisfied with their results, some showing an up to 80% reduction of cellulite after one treatment. A similar study showed an average of a 32% increase in skin elasticity, and an increase in skin thickness of 23% in patients just one month after the procedure, both major traits that help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Patients will experience continued improvement for as long as 12 months after just one treatment. And because it is minimally invasive, the Cellulaze procedure requires little to no downtime.

Celulaze Results